About The Awards

Executive Summary:

EKO Excellence Awards was initiated to recognize, inspire and celebrate distinguished individuals, enterprises, corporations and government agencies that have excelled and thrived in the face of challenges and adversity by upholding best practices and global standards in their fields of endeavor.

The vision is for “EKO Excellence Awards” to become the reference point for recognizing excellence, brilliant leadership and professionalism in Lagos, Nigeria. It was conceptualized to recognize and honor distinguished achievers of repute across all strata of the “EKO” community for their contributions towards the growth and development in making it a commercial city of global repute ranked amongst the fastest growing in the world.

“EKO” Excellence Awards is another private sector initiative powered by Newaves Innovation– a world class media and communications organization with special niche in awards and recognition, promoting excellence and sustainable development across Nigeria and the African continent at large.

The award promotes individuals, enterprises, corporate organizations and multinational corporations driving innovations, fueling growth and leading sustainable change. The annual EKO excellence awards will assemble the top notch achievers in the city of Lagos adding value across several sectors of the economy.

The 21st century technology world is faced with the urgency to deliver improved and effective value driven services to the citizens, usually with limited resources. Individuals and corporate organizations are under pressure to adopt innovative approaches and solutions that reduces spending while prioritizing and fast tracking service delivery. These call for continuous modernization of methods, processes and infrastructure both in the public and private sectors. This behooves on us the responsibility to create a world class awards and recognition platform that supports the recognition of individuals and corporate organizations pioneering several innovative practices and processes.

Not less than 94 organizations and 160 Individuals have participated in our various awards platform within and outside Nigeria. Amongst our platforms are Nigeria Advancement Awards, Nigeria Entrepreneurs Awards, Garden City Advancement Awards, Niger Delta Achievers Merit Awards and Africa Achievers Awards.

Behind each award received are people who saw or created an opportunity to make the difference. They are not people simply “doing their jobs” – they are people with vision both in the private and public sector who walk the extra mile and apply their sense of creativity and commitment to serve differently.

The idea behind the awards is to imbibe and promote a culture of excellence in emerging and thriving businesses that will serve as a model for others to emulate.

EKO Excellence Awards is set to promote excellence and professionalism on the path of greatness in a city of excellence fuelled by passion and driven by innovation.


  1. Recognize and award outstanding individuals and corporate organizations who have contributing to the growth and development.
  2. To engage EKO Excellence Awards as a platform to promote excellence and best practices of individuals and corporate organizations.
  3. To recognize team work, professionalism and Excellence while making a reference to what can be achieved under a single uniformity of purpose.
  4. To promote “EKO” as a global investment destination to Africa and the world at large.
  5. To showcase the works of participants and recipients of the awards in other to inspire individuals and corporate organizations to be goal oriented.


EKO Excellence Awards applies to:

  1. Presidents of multinational corporations that have contributed to the excellent accomplishment of “EKO”, positioning her as Africa’s largest commercial city.
  2. Founders and CEOs of organizations who through determination, tenacity, doggedness, patriotism and passion have upheld the templates of excellence and successfully contributed to the GDP of Lagos State.
  3. Key Government officials and policy makers who through legislation have created an enabling environment for business and entrepreneurship to thrive.
  4. Entrepreneurs and small business owners promoting growth and development.
  5. Academic and educational institutions of learning advancing knowledge and building capacity for sustainable development.
  6. Traditional rulers and Community leaders who through community engagement have provided a platform for peaceful societal coexistence and cohabitation.
  7. Non-Governmental organizations that in one way or the other have impacted lives and elucidated some of the EKO’s societal challenges.


  1. It is the policy of Newaves Innovations to establish, organize and maintain effective award programs to recognize and promote value adding individuals and corporate organizations.
  2. EKO Excellence Awards is an initiative of Newaves Innovations borne out of dedication, passion and vision to recognize and promote individuals and corporate organizations in Lagos State that invest in societal development and uphold industry best practices.
  3. Employees of Newaves Innovations and its partners are not eligible for the award.
  4. Newaves Innovations has the exclusive right to nominate and confer award on distinguished individuals in the honorary achievement category.
  5. Persons and organizations having profit making or commercial relationship with Newaves Innovations shall not be granted recognition, unless the contribution is substantially beyond the specified or within the terms of the contract establishing the relationship, in which case the recognition shall be honorary only.
  6. The award is a reflection of nominations from the general public. Newaves Innovations reserves the right to confer and withdraw any award given if the character or organization falls short of honesty, integrity and sense of responsibility even after conferment of awards.


These guidelines represent recommended practices for recognizing excellent performance and accomplishments in the award program. EKO Excellence Awards is designed to:

  1. Ensure that the recognition is based on the individual/team contribution to organizational goals and performance.
  2. Ensure that we identify and accord due recognition to excellence and outstanding accomplishment of individuals and corporate organizations adding value to the growth of industries and economic sectors in Lagos State.
  3. Ensure that awards are used to motivate, recognize and reward eligible individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to economic growth.
  4. Ensure that due weight is given to awards when qualifying and selecting recipients and that all public nominations are documented.
  5. Ensure that awards are used to the extent that will best support and enhance organizational goals and objectives.
  6. Ensure that awards are strictly on merit and shall be free from discrimination regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, ethnicity or disability.
  7. Newaves Innovations and its organizing partners reserve the right to revise, amend, supplement, or rescind these guidelines at any time for improvement and quality assurance purposes.


EKO Excellence Awards is founded on five core values – Creativity, Innovation, Resilience, Passion and Integrity. We recognize individuals and organization who engage creativity, Innovation, resilience, passion and integrity in driving innovations, fueling growth and leading sustainable change.


  1. Any Person or Group of persons may nominate an individual or an organization for an award in any category.
  2. The process is open to the general public and nominees are notified of their nomination.
  3. Nomination application and supporting materials must be received by the deadline to be considered.
  4. Recipients are selected based on a public call for nomination with the objective of identifying and recognizing excellent individuals and firms from a comprehensive and diverse range of fields based on contribution to societal advancement.


  • All nominations will be reviewed by the screening committee of the award to ensure they meet eligibility criteria.
  • The screening committee will access the public nominations based on the established selection criteria and develop a list of top ranked result for assessment by the award committee.
  • The Advisory Committee will evaluate the top ranked nominees provided by the award committee and recommend the award winners to the Governing Board for final approval.


EKO Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding accomplishment in the following field of endeavor;

News and Media

The award category recognizes media and communications organizations that are driven by global best practice and excellence in the media industry. The award recognizes organizations with originality, innovation and insight in delivering value while setting a roadmap in the industry for others to follow.

Business and entrepreneurship

The award category look out for businesses that have been operational for at least three years and have demonstrated professional integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, excellence in customer service, success through innovation and a commitment to their host community through corporate social responsibility.


The awards underscore the critical role that quality governance plays in sustaining the value of public companies, private organizations and not-for-profit organizations, contributing to the competitiveness of Lagos State economy and its capital markets. The award recognizes and encourage adherence to quality people representation as well as initiatives that have been taken to improve the quality wellbeing of the masses.


The award category recognizes academic institutions and organizations supporting and advancing quality education. The award highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services and people as well as the best educational establishments committed to raising the standard of educational practice in the industry.

Hotel and Hospitality

The awards category recognizes hotels that take pride in going over and beyond the normal call of duty. It recognizes hotels that provide exceptional standards of hospitality and service, boasting fine dining and the very best in modern luxury while setting the pace in the industry.

The award category looks out for features such as exceptional environment with comprehensive facilities, unique and exquisite facility design, use of technology, branding, excellent service and a superlative guest experience.


The award recognizes best practices and excellent service delivery of transport carriers leading the industry with cutting edge innovation.

Travels and Tourism

The award category recognizes exceptional individuals and businesses that have made incredible contributions to the travel and tourism industry. The award gives a unique opportunity for nominees to demonstrate their ability to deliver great ideas and see their organization celebrated as a leader in the industry.


The award category recognizes the outstanding work taking place across the healthcare sector in Lagos State. It recognizes practitioners, who help to develop, promote and lead new models of care, services and collaborations with other community organizations to improve healthy and quality living.

Banking and Finance

The award category recognizes innovation, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the financial sector in Lagos State. The awards recognize companies of all sizes which are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the financial sector. Nominees include institutions in Banking, Foreign Exchange, Insurance, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Compliance & Advisory, Corporate Governance, Brokerage & Exchanges, Project Finance, Investment Management, Technology, Asset & Wealth Management, Islamic Finance, Exchange Traded Funds and Real Estate.

Fashion, Luxury and Style

This category of award recognizes individuals and organizations taking a cutting edge leadership in fashion with an exceptional touch of luxury and style.

Humanitarian Service

The award recognizes individual and organizations who dedicate their time to rendering charitable service to humanity performed above and beyond the norm. Recipients are determined on the basis of factors including, but not limited to: intensity of service, length of service, need for service, free care to the indigent, service in inner-city, rural or in locations with underprivileged and disadvantaged persons.

Construction and Engineering

This category of award recognizes leading and cutting edge construction companies who excel at safety performance, scaling up employee participation in safety training and work site hazard prevention and control. The award category will recognize commendable safety management and safety improvements in construction companies to their employees and environment.

ICT and Telecommunications.

This category of awards recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary achievement in the field of information and communication technology. The award will recognize organizations that through ICT have strengthened entrepreneurship and have brought positive changes to the society.

Safety and Security

This category recognizes professional private security organizations that have demonstrated exceptional security services to their clients and are committed to improving the safety of lives and properties. To this end, nominees shall be drawn from notable private security organizations that have overtime demonstrated leadership and innovation in improving the security industry.

Foods and Beverage

This category of award recognizes organizations that have made an innovative contribution to food and beverage safety and improvement by creating a new idea, practice, or product that has a positive impact in food safety, thus, improving public health and the quality of life.


This category of awards honors non-governmental organizations from throughout the city of Lagos that demonstrate extraordinary effort, innovation, leadership and excellence in providing service to humanity. The award will recognize NGO’s whose exemplary service and success may have gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

Oil and Gas

This category of award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments and feats made within the upstream and downstream sector of the oil and gas industry.


This category of award recognizes excellence in ecommerce, online retail and payment industry. The award recognizes organizations who demonstrate innovations, creativity and best practices in setting a standard template for excellence in the online business space.

Logistics and Shipment

This category of award recognizes organizations that have created excellence and value in the domain of logistics and supply chain through innovations, creativity and best practices, implementing global standards in local operations.


This category of award recognizes entertainers, musical artists, actors and actresses and stage performers who have made significant contributions to promoting the ever growing entertainment economy in the city of Lagos.