1. Any Person or Group of persons may nominate an individual or an organization for an award in any category.
  2. The process is open to the general public and nominees are notified of their nomination.
  3. Nomination application and supporting materials must be received by the deadline to be considered.
  4. Recipients are selected based on a public call for nomination with the objective of identifying and recognizing excellent individuals and firms from a comprehensive and diverse range of fields based on contribution to societal advancement.


EKO Excellence Awards is founded on five core values – Creativity, Innovation, Resilience, Passion and Integrity. We recognize individuals and organization who engage creativity, Innovation, resilience, passion and integrity in driving innovations, fueling growth and leading sustainable change.


  • All nominations will be reviewed by the screening committee of the award to ensure they meet eligibility criteria.
  • The screening committee will access the public nominations based on the established selection criteria and develop a list of top ranked result for assessment by the award committee.
  • The Advisory Committee will evaluate the top ranked nominees provided by the award committee and recommend the award winners to the Governing Board for final approval.