Executive Summary

EKO Excellence Awards was initiated to recognize, inspire and celebrate distinguished individuals, enterprises, corporations and government agencies that have excelled and thrived in the face of challenges and adversity by upholding best practices and global standards in their fields of endeavor.

The vision is for EKO Excellence Awards to become the reference point for recognizing excellence, global best practices, brilliant leadership and professionalism of individuals and corporate organizations in the city of Lagos; Africa’s fastest growing mega city. The award was conceptualized to recognize outstanding product accomplishment, excellent service delivery, people driven initiatives, and corporate excellence of organizations across all strata of the “Eko community”.

“EKO” Excellence Awards is another private sector initiative powered by Newaves Innovation– a world class media and communications organization with special niche in awards and recognition, promoting excellence and sustainable development across Nigeria and the African continent at large.

The award promotes individuals, enterprises, corporate organizations and multinational corporations driving innovations, fueling growth and leading sustainable change. The annual EKO excellence awards will assemble the top notch achievers in the city of Lagos adding value across several sectors of the economy.

The 21st century technology world is faced with the urgency to deliver improved and effective value driven services to the citizens, usually with limited resources. Individuals and corporate organizations are under pressure to adopt innovative approaches and solutions that reduces spending while prioritizing and fast tracking service delivery. These call for continuous modernization of methods, processes and infrastructure both in the public and private sectors. This behooves on us the responsibility to create a world class awards and recognition platform that supports the recognition of individuals and corporate organizations pioneering several innovative practices and processes.

Not less than 94 organizations and 160 Individuals have participated in our various awards platform within and outside Nigeria. Amongst our platforms are Nigeria Advancement Awards, Nigeria Entrepreneurs Awards, Garden City Advancement Awards, Niger Delta Achievers Merit Awards and Africa Achievers Awards.

Behind each award received are people who saw or created an opportunity to make the difference. They are not people simply “doing their jobs” – they are people with vision both in the private and public sector who walk the extra mile and apply their sense of creativity and commitment to serve differently.

The idea behind the awards is to imbibe and promote a culture of excellence in emerging and thriving businesses that will serve as a model for others to emulate.

EKO Excellence Awards is set to promote excellence and professionalism on the path of greatness in a city of excellence fuelled by passion and driven by innovation.