EKO Excellence Awards applies to:

  1. Presidents of multinational corporations that have contributed to the excellent accomplishment of “EKO”, positioning her as Africa’s largest commercial city.
  2. Founders and CEOs of organizations who through determination, tenacity, doggedness, patriotism and passion have upheld the templates of excellence and successfully contributed to the GDP of Lagos State.
  3. Key Government officials and policy makers who through legislation have created an enabling environment for business and entrepreneurship to thrive.
  4. Entrepreneurs and small business owners promoting growth and development.
  5. Academic and educational institutions of learning advancing knowledge and building capacity for sustainable development.
  6. Traditional rulers and Community leaders who through community engagement have provided a platform for peaceful societal coexistence and cohabitation.
  7. Non-Governmental organizations that in one way or the other have impacted lives and elucidated some of the EKO’s societal challenges.